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Worship · Raleigh, North Carolina
Department Worship
Employment Type Full-Time

About Southbridge

We are passionate about connecting people to Jesus for life change. This passion motivates us to pursue encounters with the living God, equip one another to love and serve, and to engage our world for Jesus. We desire for every person in the Raleigh-Durham area to have an opportunity to respond to the message of Jesus Christ. We believe the church is the primary vehicle to carry out the mission of Jesus and to redeem people back to Himself.

About Our Worship Ministry?

Worship at Southbridge is about us wanting to give Jesus praise and honor for who he is, what he has done, and what he will do in the future. It is about us spending time in his presence so that we can become more like him. While we will pursue to do things with excellence, we want to be known for how we love and follow Christ over our production value. With that in mind, we are searching for a creative, team builder to come alongside our church, invest in our production volunteers, and partner with our Worship Pastor to help us connect people to Jesus for life change.

Role Information

Position Title:
 Production Director

Ministry Overseer: Worship Pastor

Relates Closely With: Worship Pastor, Worship and Production Teams, AVL Contractors, Staff

Position General Responsibilities

  • The Production Director will lead, shepherd, and empower a team of leaders in the area of production and worship. This position requires someone who can lead effectively at a high level by inspiring team members with vision and empowering them through development and release. This role is where attention to detail is crucial, wins are regular and sustainable, and adjustments are always being made to simplify and stabilize the technical and creative process.
  • Support the vision, direction, and strategy of the church and model a consistent daily walk with Jesus.


  • Department Goal: Build and develop a team of leaders in the areas of production (all aspects of AVL and streaming) who have a heart for worship and the necessary training and equipment to lead the congregation in services where technical excellence is achieved in a way that leads the church’s attention to God and away from distractions.
  • People Goal: Understand that people are the goal, not production. Production / AVL / etc are simply tools that we use to support ministry happening with people, not vice versa. If people become tools we use to support production, our mission is backward.

Ministry Responsibilities

  • Attract, build, connect, develop, and evaluate a Production Team that includes sound, lighting, lyrics, broadcast, video capture, live stream.
    • Mentor and develop leaders and volunteers to develop potential leaders for future expansion through other ministry teams, and prayerfully determine how to utilize their gifts to pursue Southbridge’s vision.
  • Responsible for the general upkeep and replacement of equipment and environments.
    • Ensure practical aspects of the ministry (budget, supplies, equipment, etc.) are maintained and available to meet the needs of the ministry.
  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with all ministries on campus.
    • Work to provide volunteers training opportunities and find ways to be problem solvers within the realm of AVL support for their ministries/events.
  • Evaluate weekly services and team performance. 
    • Celebrate wins, make adjustments as necessary, and continue to plan for an effective future.
  • General
    • Perform other necessary and related work as may be assigned by the ministry overseer.

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